Ive been doing some research on Luteal phase defect, and Im starting to wonder if I have it. It started with fertility friend: I analyzed my chart and it said that my luteal phase varies more than the norm, and also could be considered too short.

Now since Ive never been pregnant or had a miscarriage due to the shorter LP its hard to know if this is a real issue without going to the doctor. Which I obviously want to avoid since I dont have any medical coverage.

So I thought I would ask all you brilliant ladies, my LP is usually 10 days but has gone up to 13 or 14 once or twice, but 99% of the time its 10 days. Is that too short?

Heres a Poll:  Whats your LP length ?


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  1. 12 days or more is what they like to see, but 10 days is the minimum for what will work to support a pregnancy…you should be ok. Basically, it just needs to be long enough for the baby to implant (that usually happens between days 6 and 10 after ovulation). Make sure you take a TON of folic acid (my Dr told me to take 800 mg, which is 5 of the little 800 mcg pills) and a B-Complex vitamin. Both of those will help your LP. If you are STILL worried, they sell and OTC progesterone cream at Walmart that you can use as well. Hope this helps!! (PS Mine varies between 9 and 14 days!)

  2. Some say less than 10 days. Even 11 is borderline. I am 12-13 usually. But last month was 11.

  3. I’ve heard 10 days is borderline. I’m usually 14 days or close to it. I’m not sure though…sorry. 😦

  4. I don’t know. Sorry! The fertility clinic is forcing ovulation so it’s not my normal cycle since I give myself the injection, have the insemination, and wait 2 weeks.

  5. Always under 10. I do have a LPD. It ranges from 7–10 days. I have it longer than 10 once or twice a year without medication. With progesterone support, I can get my LP to 12–14 days.

  6. I go from 14-17 days. Hope all this info helps

  7. I’ve always been between 12 and 14.

  8. My doctor who treated me for LPD said he didn’t like to see less than 12 days after ovulation for the luteal phase – this was in 1996. I took progesterone beginning 4 days after O and that helped – though, as long as I took the progesterone, I would not start my period. So I tested on 15dpo and discontinued if not pg, continued if pg. When I stopped taking the progesterone, my af would show up within 24-26 hours. My cycles were also very irregular and tended to be annovulatory.

    Good luck to you.

  9. I’ve had two LPs last 11 days and one 12 day, otherwise I am 10 days on the dot. I’ve never been put on progesterone for it, and my RE told me it didn’t matter for my first IVF (I’m not so sure I believe that, but it worked for me, so maybe there are other factors involved?). Oh, and I have PCOS (Metformin did not work for me), too.

  10. My first doctor diagnosed me with LPD; my second doctor doesn’t think LPD really exists (in other words, if you have a short luteal phase, that’s really just a symptom of another underlying problem). When not medicated, I have 10-13 day luteal phases (although my last was only 7). I have super-low progesterone, which both doctors think is due to “weak” ovulation. Medication to boost my ovulation gives me higher progesterone numbers, but not necessarily longer luteal phases.

  11. Thank you so much for all the help 😀

  12. I charted for a year and was convinced something was off about my LP. FF told me it varied more than normal (and it did) and it always included at least 3 days of spotting. I was convinced I’d never get pg if I was spotting on day 9 or 10 and had full flow on day 12 or 13. I went to the RE and all my progesterone numbers were normal as was my ovulation. I did progesterone suppositories after O for all my medicated cycles (8 of them) and it didn’t help. I had one chemical pg and that sure wasn’t a sign of success.

    After the year of treatment we took a break before intending to do IVF. The IVF doc recommened I take extra b vitamins with folic acid in addition to my prenatal vitamin. I was pg within a year (without charting, OPKs or timed intercourse) with no other treatment. Over that year, my LP legthened and the spotting slowly diminished.

  13. My FS says anything under 12 is not great. Mine is 11 on crinone/prog and 9 off. I believe next time we are trying “extra strength” pessaries. Goody.

    All the best!

  14. Came over from Lost and Found/Connections, and thought I’d chime in as well. I used to have between 10-12 day LP’s, but started taking extra Vitamin B6 and it helped to lengthen it to an average of 13 days. I also use natural progesterone cream after ovulation, and that combined with the B6 I usually get a 13-14 day LP. Here is a good article from a PCOS message board I belong to for further information: http://www.soulcysters.net/luteal-phase-defect-vitamin-b6-172444/#post1887814207.

    Since I’m new to your blog, do you have PCOS or hypothyroid? In research I’m doing, I have learned both of those can also cause progesterone/LP issues. Good luck!!!

  15. I have 24-26 day cycles and surge on day 13-15. This has been true for as long as I’ve been monitoring.

    We started down the IVF road due to severe male factor: obstructive azoospermia. Sperm must be surgically extracted, ICSI’d, etc. I’ve never been pregnant naturally, but there just wasn’t any sperm around — so we don’t know whether I’d be fertile under more normal circumstances or not.

    My RE’s don’t give a hoot what my natural cycles are like, though — all they care about is my response to stims (which has consistently been crappy for my age). For IVF, they control the vertical and the horizontal, and the luteal progesterone comes in a big needle. Once you’re at that stage in treatment, it just doesn’t matter what your own cycles are like.

    FWIW, my third IVF worked. (And fourth just failed.)

  16. I did the “gold standard” test for LPD – an endometrial biopsy – while my luteal phase by charting was at least 12 days in reality my luteal phase by what the tissue looked like was only 7-8. I ended up taking progesterone after ovulation, however I did also do clomid and fsh. Fortunately progesterone was what finally did the trick. Hope that helps rather than mudiies the water.

  17. Hi, I came over thru L&F.

    10-11 days for LP is borderline but definitely on the low end. My RE treats a 10-day LP with progesterone supplements. 12-14 days is the range she RE wants to see, with 14 days being ideal.

  18. Hi. Just wanted to support the other comments by saying that a 10 day LP is on the short side. I had the same problem of short and/or inconsistent LPs (varied between 9-13 days). Spotting at the end of your LP can also be a sign of low progesterone. I started taking progesterone during my LP to combat this. It seemed to have worked for me because then I started getting pg (course, had a couple m/c’s, but I’m 7w4d now) so I think it worked for me.

    Hope that helped!

  19. I have also heard 10 is borderline. I highly recommend getting the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility.” Its not very expensive, and you can buy it used on Amazon. It addresses almost every concern you can think of.

    As for me, my leutal phase is generally around 12-13 days. It IS common for your phasese to vary by a day or two each cycle, but they should typically be the same.

  20. Hi-
    Just ran across you and wanted to chime in. Mine is usually 13 or 14 days but 3 losses in 07 sent me to an RE who diagnosed me with LPD (I was shocked because of my LP). He did it with an endometrial biopsy and my lining was 5-6 days too thin. He is treating mine with a certain type of progesterone that he says should work (here’s to hoping he is right!!). Good luck!!

  21. my lp is at least 14 days, but, i have an anorexic uterus, so looks like i may have some sort of lp in addition to the endo. Did you ever get a dx?

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