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I noticed that your blog 1 Hardy Swimmer is now set as private 😦 

 Im sad, please send me an invite. Im so addicted 😀 LOL

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1st Day Of School

Yep, Winter quarter finally started today, and not a moment to soon 🙂 I was so bored and going out of my mind. I got up early and got myself all pretty for my first class which I thought was at eleven, come to find out that I hadn’t looked at the class schedule closely enough because my first class of the day (geology) doesn’t meet on Wednesdays. Oh well, I was there an hour early and can at least say that I wasn’t late for my first day, probly the only day I wont be late 🙂 LOL… Anyways, I spent that hour scouting out the rest of my classes and walking around the campus to refresh myself, something I should have done before today, but oh well, I had the time. So overall the day went well. My writing class teachers seems really intense, nice, but intense, and my math teacher seems a little flaky, but only time will tell if they are really like this.   

After class, I went to the book store to get my textbooks, among other things … and an hour and $378 dollars later I left the student store and headed for home. But didnt make it, as I stopped by my moms hair salon, and hung out for many hours. I also got my hair colored, and had the opportunity to see one of my oldest and dearest friends that I hadnt seen in many years. It was fun. All of us went out for dessert, and now seven hours after my last class, Im home, and needing to study. Long day, lots of fun 🙂 Hope yours was too 🙂

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To You And Yours

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Im Taking The Plunge

Well Ive decided to move my blog over to word-Press. I really like the layout and options that they have over there 🙂 I hope it wont be to much trouble reading my posts over there.

Oh, yeah, Tammy, can you send me a new invite, I dont think it will work from my new web-page. Thanks


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The Plunge

So I decided to take the plunge and move over to word-press. I like the options they have and the way the blogs look. So hopefully it wont be to much trouble for everyone to read my posts over here 🙂

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Im Reading

This Book is really interesting. I never thought I would be reading this book, nor be interested in herbal medicine. I am a western medicine person, through and through, but I will do anything right now to help me conceive faster. Anyone else reading or have read this book? If so, were did you find the herbs that she recommends?

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I cant wait until school starts

Im so bored. School is like my job, it keeps me busy. I was so excited to take a break because I felt so tired and ready to be done with last quarter, but I have to say that it hasn’t been as fun as I had hoped. I though that I would be able to take time with my family and best friend, but they now seem to be to busy for me. So its just be me, and alot of alone time. I think thats how it always works, when you have time, others dont. So anyways I am excited to start winter quarter, I need something to do. I will be taking math, writing and geology classes, to satisfy prerequisites for my BS. Fun, LOL, I know but it must be done.

On another note, I hate temping. I hate trying to figure out when I ovulate. Its a never ending battle that I cant win! But in the spirit of TTC, I will continue. Hopefully by march I can get it figured out again.

Happy Weekend to all 😀

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I think its coming

chartgraph_modulephp.pngSo, I think Im going to ovulate in the next 24 hours :)Since Ive started tracking my cycles again, Ive been more antsy about ttc. I feel like it makes me think about it more. I feel like I really want to start ai’s now! But I know financially that we will not be ready until march 😦 How do people do all this, temping, opks, cbem and crap so many months prior to inseminations without going crazy? I have no idea. I wish my cycles were the same every month then I wouldn’t have to bother with all of this, but their not, so I do. Anyway, Im just rambling and most likely making no sense.I hope everyone had a blessed christmas. Mine was super mellow. Christmas eve we went over to my mom’s house. My sister, BIL and their two kids were there, and we opened presents and hung out until about midnight. Then on christmas day it was just me and my hubbie. We went out to breakfast and saw a movie. I was planning on going over to my best friends house to take them their gifts but after calling her three times with no answer, I gave up, and she hasn’t called me yet! I dont know what is up with her. It seems like she’s avoiding me. The sad thing is that she’s really my only friend IRL. I need to get out more 🙂 LOLHave a nice day, and thanks for listening to me ramble.

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Big Dreams

Ive had the dream of being a doctor for as long as I can remember. My Mom always says that when I was six, I said that I wanted to be a pediatric cardiologist! LOL! What kinda of six year old says things like that! Me I guess, even though I dont remember it. I kept this dream in the back of my mind, and every year that passed by I would think about it again. Looking back i wonder how a little girl with such big dreams ended up a high school drop out, but now I realize that those events helped shape the determined person that I am today. After working in retail for about five years I went to technical school and became a medical assistant. Determined to keep the dream of working in the medical field alive in some way or another. The funny thing is that I decided to go back to school on a whim. I thought about it for one day and then the next day I went and registered, and even though it turned out great I wish I would have thought it through more, saved the money and started medical school at that time. Working as a medical assistant sealed the deal for me. It made me realize that I do love working in medicine and I love helping people, but I didn’t have the important role that I wanted to have.

After working as a medical assistant for almost five years I decided it was my time. Time to go back to school and work on that life long dream. I was scared because I would have to start from the very beginning, but I figured that I dont have kids and my husband has a good job so now is the time. So I did it! I quit my job and started school full time. What a transition, I haven’t been without a job in over ten years, and being a student is harder then working. Which I think most people dont realize. So I finished my first quarter and did very well, and even though it sounds funny, I can visualize myself finishing school and being a doctor. I know its a long way off, but I can see it in my minds eye.

Its funny how people react when you tell them your dreams and goals. Especially when the dream is as big as this one. You start to find out who really believes in you and who doesn’t. The most common response is, ” Thats hard” and “at your age?”. I was annoyed at first, I mean do people really think that I dont know its hard to become a doctor, or that Im “older” then most who decide to go to medical school? But now I just let it go in one ear and out the other. All that matters is that my hubbie and my mom are cheering me on 😀

So anyway, the moral, I guess, to this long story is, Never doubt your potential. And if you have a dream, even if its big, go for it. Give it your all and God will do the rest.

I really couldn’t be more excited about doing what Ive been dreaming about for so long, and even though its going to take a long time, and I’ll be almost 40 when Im finished, at least I’ll never wonder “WHAT IF”.

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